How to use the Pager Selected accent color option

The Pager Selected accent color option is only available on select template collections:
• Fusion, Metro, Shattered, Vintage, Voltage
  1. Select a templated product with the "Pager Selected" option in the Options panel

  2. Select the "Image Tool" (it looks like a hand)


  3. Check "Pager Selected" in Options panel

  4. Click on graphic portion of templated product

  5. Click the "Tools" tab of Options panel


  6. Open the "Fill" section

  7. Check the "Fill" checkbox

  8. Select a color using one of the following options:

    1. Choose a color from the wheel

    2. Enter the RGB value of a color

    3. Check the "Sample" box to eye-drop sample a color from an image added to the product


  9. Click the "Add Recent" button once you have chosen a color to save that color swatch for future use

    1. Please note that closing and reopening ROES may erase custom color swatches added within the Tools section of the Options panel

  10. Save the product as a favorite to use again with the same custom color selection