ROES Green Screen Services

We offer Green Screen Dropout through our ROES ordering software using ROES Events which is an ordering option inside ROES that merges data and images.

Step 1 - submit evaluation images

Before you're able to submit Green Screen orders you must submit a Green Screen Evaluation order through ROES. For the evaluation we will dropout the test image and return it to you at no charge for your review.

  1. Open ROES and login with your account number and password

  2. Navigate to Create Order

  3. Select the Green Screen File Transfer catalog from the catalog menu

  4. Select the Evaluation tab and then the Evaluation product

  5. Drag a good example of your green screen image(s) onto the Evaluation product and add it (them) to the cart

  6. Click on the Shopping Cart section and select "I Agree"

  7. Complete and send order

  8. Select Pick Up At Store as your shipping option for Evaluation products

After we receive your order we will drop out the background and send the file back to you for approval. You will be notified of any problems we noticed with your image (ie inconsistent exposure or lighting, etc.) and let you know the approved base price.

Step 2 - Ordering Green Screen printwork

Once you've received the completed evaluation images and the approved pricing, you're ready to start ordering.

  • Green Screen Orders must be placed using ROES Events with a CSV that contains a column specifically titled Background and a selected Background for each subject record

    • View Example CSV Here

    • Download Example CSV Here

    • Any backgrounds that you would like added to your account can be emailed to us at

      • Be sure to include a key indicating what the name is for each background file.

        • For example, include that you will refer to 001.jpg background file as B001 in your data. If the exact name you send to us is not what you use in your data your order will error.

  • Information for ordering through ROES Events is listed below