Images Incorrectly Rotated When Downloaded From Digital Services

This is due to a rotation flag that is set by the camera. To prevent this from occurring in the future, the images need to have the rotation flag stripped by FLOW before submitting. Instructions can be found here: Submitting FLOW Digital Services Order. To remedy the rotation in images that have already been sent back from the lab - see below.


  1. Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to

    1. This path is hidden and you will have to copy and paste the path into Windows Explorer.

  2. Find the Project Folder that you are working with and open it

    1. The project folder uses the alphanumeric key listed on the project tile in FLOW

    2. This is the name of the project folder

      1. image.png

  3. Open the folder and then open the Image folder

    1. image.png

  4. Find the image(s) that are rotated

    1. This is easiest if you do a sort using the date added/modified column heading

      1. image.png

  5. CTRL or Shift-select all of the images that are rotated

  6. Right-click on the images and select rotate clockwise or rotate counterclockwise

  7. Go back to FLOW and the images should be displaying with the proper rotation

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