Pipe Broken Error When Sending a ROES Order

A broken pipe usually means the connection has been lost from the sending computer to the lab and is typically due to an issue with the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Modem, or the Router on the user's computer. This is not an issue with the software, but instead with the internet connection


  1. Leave ROES open

  2. Powercycle the Modem and Router

    1. Unplug the power to the router and modem then count to ten and plug them back in

  3. Once the computer reconnects to the internet, try sending the order

    1. If on MacOS and powercycling doesn't solve the issue, install and scan the machine using Malwarebytes. If any threats are found, allow Malwarebytes to quarantine them, then reboot the computer as instructed.

If the above does not work:

  1. Look at the roeslog to see if any amount of data is being transferred

  2. A consistent block size of 65535 on every attempt is an indication of outdated router firmware and an update maybe required.