ROES Events and Capturelife Orders

Before continuing, please ensure you've added your provider data in ROES.

Setup Favorite


  1. Login to ROES and click on Create Order

  2. Navigate to the Volume Packaged Prints catalog

  3. Select the Capturelife tab

  4. Select the Capturelife File Delivery product

  5. Click on the image.pngto save a favorite

  6. Enter the name of your favorite and hit Enter on your keyboard

Create The Job

  1. Click on the Events tab

  2. Click the Plus at the bottom left of the page

  3. Enter the name of the event

  4. Select the newly created job

  5. Click Subject Info in the bottom right of the page

  6. Navigate to the CSV of data to use for the job

    1. CSV should contain image name (1234.jpg) and Email address and/or Phone number

  7. Import the CSV

  8. Match Images and Packages

Associate Fields to Package

  1. Within the job select Associate Fields in the bottom right corner

  2. Drag and drop the field names at the bottom onto the appropriate field locations on the product

    1. Important to have an EVENT NAME for Capturelife deliveries

  3. Once all fields are associated, click Subject Info to go back to the job

  4. With all your Images and Data associated, click Start Review