Packing Your Order Failed Due To: Path Moved

This error message - or any error message that mentions the path being moved, or the path being unable to be found - means that the images in the order are not in the location that they were in when imported to ROES.

This error can occur due to a couple of reasons:

  1. The most common, the image files have been moved to a location that differs from when they were imported into ROES and started to order

    1. To solve this, locate the images and put them back in the file path where they were originally imported.

    2. This will recreate the path for the program to follow when placing the order.

  2. Filenames, or folder names, have changed since the files were loaded into ROES. Always check to make sure the folders referenced in the shopping cart for image(s) still exist and are named exactly the same as they appear in the cart

    1. i.e. check that the Folder the images are in hasn't been renamed

  3. The images are located on an external harddrive or a server with a faulty connection

    1. To solve this:

      1. Close ROES

      2. Move the files to a folder on the hard drive (e.g. a folder on the desktop)

        1. Orders should always come from files stored locally as it is the most reliable way to host the files

      3. Reopen ROES

      4. Re-import the image files and rebuild the order