BluePrint: Refunding and Canceling an Order

In Blueprint, if you have a Stripe account connected to your ImageQuix account for receiving customer payments, you can issue refunds for online orders and cancel them from being submitted to the lab.
More information on refunding can be found on the IQ Help Page here

Submit a Refund:

  1. Navigate to the main Orders and make sure you're in Financial View filter.

    1. Alternatively navigate to the Job -> Orders section

  2. Select the order and then Refund Order

  3. A refund pop-up window will appear to fill out with relevant information

    1. To cancel the order please select Cancel any unprocessed orders at the lab, Send lab notification, AND add instructions for the lab to cancel the order - this will ensure that we have all the necessary information to cancel the order

      1. If the order to be canceled is within a BULK order - please indicate the subject's name and items that should be canceled

    2. Fill out all of the requested information (along with any additionals as necessary) to document and process refund.

    3. Full refunds credit back the entire order including commission and fees.

    4. Partial refunds proportionately credits back the amount of all commission and fees.

  4. Click Refund to process the refund and notify the lab