Product Thumbnails Do Not Display in Cart

  • A recent ROES update has caused an issue in which product thumbnails do not display, or only partially display, in the cart

  • This typically only happens with SINGLE-PRODUCT PACKAGES and a la Carte packages

Orders can be submitted AS IS without any issue as this is only a cart display issue

To correct this so that packages display properly:

  1. Click on the Packages and Cluster Control button (image.png) before editing your packages

  2. Click on the Favorites button (image.png) to display the list of favorites

  3. Click on the single-item packages one by one

  4. Click on the Blue link button (image.png)in the upper right-hand corner of the favorite to unlink the product

  5. Click on the Save the current changes button (image.png) to save the changes to the favorite

  6. Do this for all single-item packages