How to Import and Export Projects in FLOW

This instruction assumes you have already associated a catalog with the project you are moving. Click Edit Project Preferences to associate a catalog with your project in the General Preferences tab

Exporting a Project

  1. Click on the Project tab to display your current projects

  2. Click on Export Project

    1. image.png

  3. Make sure you are on the Export Project tab

  4. Select a location on your machine (not a network) to export your project (e.g. Desktop)

    1. image.png

  5. Click Export

    1. The project will export to the designated location as the project name-computer name

      1. e.g. FALL_PROJECT_2018_Jesse-Desktop.PAF

  6. Find the PAF file on your desktop you exported and put it on a network location or on a transportable jump drive

Importing a Project

  1. Find the PAF file you exported from the master computer (either on a jump drive or network file location)

    1. It will be named [Project Name]-[ComputerName].paf

  2. We suggest you place the PAF file onto the machine you are working with.

    1. DO NOT try to import from a jumpdrive or network drive if possible

  3. In FLOW click on the Project section and click on Import/Export Project

    1. image.png

  4. Make sure you are on the Import section and navigate to the file location of your paf file

    1. image.png

  5. If the project already exists you will receive a warning asking if you want to merge, if it does not it will simply say Import

  6. Click on Merge or Import to import the project