How to Submit Retake Orders

Utilize the Filter Options to submit orders or use Remote Image Service (RIS - Digital Service) orders for retake images only.
  1. Click on the Filter button at the top of the software ( )

  2. Under the Images section, select Images Assigned by date:

  3. Select After this date

  4. Select the date just before the images were assigned to subject records

  5. Click Apply Filter

    1. This should display only images assigned after the selected date

  6. From here, all images for retaken subjects should be displayed.

    1. If submitting for RIS select the cloud icon on the images that should be submitted for Remote Image Service correction. Click here for instructions on how to submit through RIS

    2. If submitting ImageMatch export, be sure to select Use Filtered Data

    3. If submitting orders, select Subject Filter on the order submission section