Send Erred, Waiting to Retry Connection Timed Out or Reset

This error can occur when trying to send a roes order but the order won't send. This is usually due to a connection timeout error that is related to the modem, router, or a firewall installed on the machine


This is an internet connection issue from the user's machine that can be resolved by checking a few things

1 - Is the Computer on a Public Wifi?

  1. A lot of public wifi or networks do not allow uploads to FTP especially if the upload is particularly large

  2. If the machine is on a public wifi it's likely the order will not send

  3. Please try to send from a non-public internet connection

2 - Try Powercycling the Modem and Router

  1. Unplug the internet modem & router count to 10 and plug them back in

  2. Restart computer while internet is restarting

  3. Attempt to resend

3 - Check for Firewall Installed

  1. Does the machine have a firewall installed?

  2. If so, is it blocking ROES?

  3. Do a google search for excluding software from the specific firewall installed or try to disable the firewall temporarily while sending the order

4 - For Windows Users
Set the Native Windows Firewall to Allow FTP Access

  1. Click on the Start menu and type in cmd to open the windows command prompt

  2. In the command window copy: netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

  3. Go to the command window and right-click to paste

  4. Hit Enter on the keyboard and a response of Ok.

    1. If you see a prompt about running as administrator, right-click on the cmd prompt and select run as admin

  5. Go back to ROES and retry to submission

5 - For Mac and PC Users
Scan For Error Files

We have found the failure has been due to a malware program. Seems malware is redirecting/trying to redirect uploads. Users have been successful addressing the issue using using free/trial Malwarebytes to scan and remove the offending program.

  1. Download free trial of Malwarebytes malware tracking program

  2. Follow instructions on installer

  3. Run a scan using the above and remove any malware found. Restart and try to send again.

    1. Note: in some circumstances for Mac OS users, the first scan will return malware and/or adware that can be quarantined, but then internet access to web browsers will be lost. This occurs because some malware resets Mac OS' DNS settings to use an invalid DNS. Should this occur, run Malwarebytes a second time, then follow the steps below.

      1. Open System Preferences.

      2. Selects Network, then your active network.

      3. Click Advanced.

      4. Select the DNS tab.

      5. Add to the DNS Servers list and remove any that point to 192.X.X.X.

      6. Click OK, then Apply.

Notes: check the roeslog on the Home screen. At the end of the log, look for PASV mode, this indicates that the connection back to the users machine is being blocked by a firewall