How to Size Files Correctly

It can be difficult to use a single subject image on a variety of product shapes, especially if you are offering print packages on an ordering platform in which your customer can choose what images to order on a package or product. Here is some information on how to set up files to fit correctly on the product sizes you will be ordering and how aspect ratio can influence things. It is recommended that you select products that have a similar shape or aspect ratio to your images. You can check the dimensions of your images by right clicking on a file and choosing properties then details (on a pc) or get info (on a mac).

Aspect Ratios and Recommended File Dimensions

An Aspect Ratio is the width to height ratio of a product in the smallest possible whole numbers. Here are some common print sizes and the related aspect ratios and recommended file dimensions in pixels.

Common Print SizesAspect RatioRecommended File Dimensions
5x51:11500x1500 pixels
8x81:12400x2400 pixels
10x101:13000x3000 pixels
12x121:13600x3600 pixels
4x54:51200x1500 pixels
8x104:52400x3000 pixels
16x204:54800x6000 pixels
11x1411:143300x4200 pixels
10x1310:133000x3900 pixels
Wallet (2.5x3.5)5:7750x1050 pixels
5x75:71500x2100 pixels
3.5x57:101050x1500 pixels
7x107:102100xx3000 pixels
4x62:31200x1800 pixels
8x122:32400x3600 pixels
16x242:34800x7200 pixels
11x1711:173300x5100 pixels
5x101:21500x3000 pixels
10x201:23000x6000 pixels

Shortest to Tallest Aspect Ratio


Guide Layouts

These guides are set up to show where to position imagery in the most common aspect ratios 4:5, 5:7 and 2:3 to ensure that nothing important is cut off when the image is used on the other aspect ratios (4:5, 5:7, and 2:3).