How to Import Images When the Filenames Are in the Spreadsheet

For a tutorial on how to import multiple pose jobs when the filenames are in the spreadsheet click here.

  1. To import images with your data, first ensure that your images are properly named and in their own column within your CSV file.

  2. Create your project and select Import Data on Create

  3. To import the first image click the Image Import Settings dropdown and select the column heading that contains your images along with the directory of the image location (this is chosen as the same location as your data file by default)

  4. Match your Source and Destination subject information.

    1. The Source column has the field names from your spreadsheet. The Destination column is where you match up those field names with FLOW data fields.

      1. You can click the red X to omit any information you do not want included in the subject record.

      2. image.png

  5. After you have mapped your fields, click the Import button and FLOW will generate a subject record for each row in your spreadsheet.

    1. image.png

If the import creates the records, but does not import the images then it's likely there is something wrong with the name of the image or how it is referenced in the CSV.

Common Errors:

  • Is the filename being referenced exactly the same in the CSV and in the folder of images? Check for any erroneous spaces, correct .jpg extension, etc.

  • Are you referencing the correct folder of images?

  • Are file extensions hidden? They need to be visible.

    • Click the Start menu and type in Folder Options

    • Is Hide Extensions for known file types checked? If so, uncheck it.

    • image.png