Shipping to Multiple Clients with ROES Events (ROES Events Dropship)

ROES Events Dropship is an option only available for ROES Events Orders placed through the Volume Packaged Prints catalog. Each sitting will be received as part of a major ROES order and each sitting or record will be dropshipped to the address indicated in the Events Fields within the event. For more information about ROES Events, click here - Getting Started with ROES Events
The procedure below is very detailed but it's imperative that every step be followed for the order to be processed and shipped correctly.

How It Works: Setting Up The Event CSV

  1. Orders are created as normal Events orders in ROES, but each subject has additional shipping fields in the CSV (see fields below)

    1. Be sure to include First Name and/or Last Name as fields in the CSV so the orders can be easily identified; First and Last will be appended to the event name for order identification online and in the shipping email

  2. DO NOT ADD A LA CARTE ITEMS - Items MUST be ordered within Events packages

    1. a la carte items (i.e. items added manually to the cart) will be sent back to the studio address and not included in the dropship order - there is no subject information associated with the print work so these items cannot be included with a shipment

  3. Subject records with Identical Address and/or Address 2 information will be dropshipped together in a single shipment as long as the spreadsheet is sorted by Address prior to uploading it to ROES. If multiple subject records with the same address are separated from each other in the spreadsheet, they will be shipped separately.

    1. Address information must match EXACTLY for each subject record or the orders will not be grouped

      1. 213 West Broad Street is not the same as 213 W Broad St.

      2. Zip Code is not included in this; if there are subjects with the same street address (even with different zip codes), the addresses need to be entered slightly differently to prevent them from shipping together. The software will group them together if they have identical entries in Address and/or Address 2. To remedy this, alter one of them slightly - i.e. 213 West Broad Street for the first and 213 W Broad St for the second.

    2. Sort orders by Address in Excel before importing into ROES if they are to be grouped to ship together - this allows for orders shipping together to be printed together

      1. Orders not sorted by Address will be shipped individually if they are not next to each other in the spreadsheet

      2. To sort by address, simply select the whole sheet, THEN navigate to the Data menu and Sort by the Address column. If the entire sheet is selected (NOT just the address column), Excel will keep all the subject data together when sorting.

FIELDS MUST BE NAMED EXACTLY AS SHOWN BELOW (or match one of the acceptable variations listed)(Highlighted fields are REQUIRED and must be filled out)

Ship ToAttentionAddressAddress 2CityStateZip
Link to Download Example CSV
Link to Example Spreadsheet
  • Ship To - Name of recipient for the package

    • Acceptable Variations: Addressee, Ship-To, Parent, Parent's Name, Parents Name, Parent Name

  • Attention - to whom the package should be directed if shipping to a business (optional)

    • Acceptable Variations: Attention, Attn, Contact

  • Address - Address where the package is shipping

    • Acceptable Variations: Address 1, Address Line 1, Street, Street Address

  • Address 2 - Second line of address information (optional)

    • Acceptable Variations: Apt, Suite, Ste, Unit, Address2, Address Line 2, Street 2

  • City - City or town

    • Acceptable Variations: City, Town

  • State - Must be entered as the state abbreviation (i.e. VA instead of Virginia)

    • Acceptable Variations: State, Province

  • Zip - Zip code

    • Acceptable Variations: Zip, Zip Code, Postal Code

  1. It's very important that the dropship address information is formatted appropriately. Any incorrectly entered information could cause a delay in the shipment or a returned order.

  2. While RPL does check address information when orders are shipped, it is best for the studio to do a thorough review of address information before submitting an order.

    1. There is an easy-to-use paid service called YAddress that can help format addresses and correct them to prevent any issues

      1. More information on how to use YAddress can be found here

Submitting the ROES Events Order To Dropship Per Record

  1. Review the Events order and add the items to the cart

  2. Within the cart, scroll to the bottom of the Options section

    1. Within Options:

      1. Select Custom Preferences dropdown in the shopping cart in ROES

      2. Select the ROES Events Dropship checkbox

      3. Enter in the name of the project

      4. Select Complete and send order to submit the order

        1. image.png

          1. Since each package will be shipped separately, packaging options are disabled

      5. Select Economy Shipping for the least expensive method (do not select a Drop Ship method - the packages are already set to dropship in the event csv)

        1. image.png

The shipping method selected will be the method for all packages in the event
e.g. If Overnight Shipping is selected then every package will be shipped via Overnight

Important to note:

  • Order Total in the cart will NOT reflect the actual order total at the lab. There is a $3.50 minimum order applied each subject.

  • Turnaround Time for orders will depend on longest turnaround time item in the order

    • e.g. If one subject order has a magnet then all subjects will be 2 days in-lab

  • Shipping Method selected will be the method for all packages in the event

  • Shipping Confirmation email will give a review of all orders submitted and tracking information for each order

    • This information is also available on the Order History section of the website

  • Subjects shipping to the same address will only be grouped if the information in Address and Address 2 fields match EXACTLY and they are sorted in sequence next to each other in the spreadsheet. For example 213 W Broad St is not an exact match for 213 West Broad Street. Those subjects would be shipped separately.

  • Event Names for orders will be listed as the event name entered in ROES followed by the subject Last Name, First Name from the associated record in the event

    • e.g. Legacy Soccer - Sexton, Jonathan