How to Create a Job Using Data and Images

The information below demonstrates how to create a job using a CSV of subject data with image data

  1. Open ImageQuix Publisher and create a New Job

    1. Select Subject and Green Screen (if applicable) from the properties section

    2. image.png

  2. Select Subject from the left-hand column

  3. Click on the image.pngbutton and select Import -> Import Subject Data

  4. On this new window, select CSV Importer from the importer type and navigate to the location of the CSV file using the From file selection tool and click Next

  5. On the next window, select the field locations for mapping your CSV to the ImageQuix data fields

    1. For the Configuration the Unique Field should be a unique identifier for each record (e.g. Record Number, student id, etc.)

    2. If there are Group Images associated with your subjects and data select the grouping field next to Group Field - Primary

      1. This should be the name of each group (e.g. Teacher, Class, Team, etc.) and should have a unique image associated with each group

    3. Map each field to the appropriate field name

  6. At the bottom of the Importer, select the Image Mapping options that apply to the project

    1. Check the Contains Image(s) checkbox if images are available

    2. Navigate to the images directory

    3. Do the same for Group Images if the project contains Group Images (ensure to have a Group Field selected in the Field settings above)

    4. image.png

  7. On the following page, review the selection to confirm data will be imported properly

    1. Select a subject from the top subjects section and their subject data will appear below

    2. The Image List on the right-hand side shows the image to be uploaded, select the image to verify it's correct in the Image Preview

      1. image.png

  8. Select Next to verify Groups and Images

  9. Click Finish to upload the Job to IQ