How to Resend a ROES Order

**If any of the image files have been moved from this feature may not work.

  1. Open ROES and click on the Sent/Saved Orders tab.

  2. Find the order that needs to be resent (it is designated by the underscore e.g.

  3. Click Reopen as New Order, doing so will replace any order are currently working on in ROES in the cart

    1. If you are unable to click Reopen as New Order, try holding down the ALT key to activate the button

    2. Review your save preferences on the Sent/Saved Orders tab - the default is to delete old orders after 2 weeks

  4. Once you have opened it as a new order, select the Complete and Send Order button to reprocess

  5. Once the order starts uploading, please check for a confirmation email from the lab that it has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email please feel free to contact customer service


    2. 800-262-0515