Images Look Desaturated in ROES (Images need to be converted to sRGB colorspace)

Images are displaying muted and/or desaturated or the software is not recognizing the color space. Usually this is due to the image being shot in Adobe 1998 or some other colorspace that is not suitable for photographic printing

Using PhotoShop, edit the color space of the images:

  1. Open the image in PhotoShop

    1. The image will look saturated and 'good' but will look different when compared to ROES

  2. Click on Edit -> Convert Profile

  3. The Source Space will be an indication of what the original color space the image is and the Destination Space is usually the profile that the computer uses (ie what ROES and Windows will use when you open an image)

  4. Select convert to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and click OK

  5. Save the image with the newly converted profile