ImageQuix General Information

ImageQuix (IQ) is an online hosting service for studios to sell images and photo products online. It is recommended for School, Sports, Senior and Dance photography.


  • With ImageQuix Direct Fulfillment to RPL, orders will be automatically submitted to the lab for printing without the use of another ordering software

  • Orders are either drop shipped directly to the customer or held and released as a batch of orders packaged in paper portrait envelopes

  • More information can be found on our RPL IQ Help Page

Contact / Support

New IQ Customers

  1. Sign up for an account on ImageQuix
    1. Click Here to sign up
  2. Once the account request is submitted, we will contact you letting you know when the account is active so you can start using Richmond Pro Lab products for your Jobs
    1. If you have not heard from us, please send us an email:
    2. Click Here to email Customer Service
  3. IQ will assist in setting up the account

Switching IQ Account to Use RPL

  1. If you already have an IQ account then you need to request that Richmond Pro Lab is added as a provider

    1. Click Here to email ImageQuix Support
  2. The account switch can take up to 48 hours to finalize
  3. Once the account is finalized, we will contact you and let you know RPL is setup as a provider

Products / Orders

  • Most products offered by RPL are available for use in ImageQuix (excluding press-printed and gallery wrap products)

    • Products are priced from the Volume Packaged Prints selection of products

    • There is currently a limitation on templated products available in IQ

      • Classic collection templates can be added upon request

      • For Custom Template installation, submit an ImageQuix Template installation request form found on the Forms page of our site

  • Orders placed by end-customers are submitted immediately to the lab for processing by default and queued for print

    • The studio can choose to set a hold on orders so they can address any customer comments or concerns before orders are submitted

  • Order minimum is $3.50 for ALL ImageQuix orders

  • Direct Ship Orders are printed as the lab receives them and shipped via Economy shipping by default

    • We charge the studio the exact cost of the order and shipping and the account is billed at the time the order is shipped

    • Expedited shipping options are available upon request for orders, but typically this is not recommended

    • Studio should be aware when adding larger-sized print items to their pricesheet and build the cost of shipping into the product cost

  • Product images on the IQ website/shopping cart can be cropped by the end-user (WYSIWYG)

    • Cropping is not available on the mobile ordering site

IQ Publisher

  • Create a job using a CSV of subject data and images

    • Subject images can be password protected per subject using a passcode in entered into the CSV

    • CSV should contain names, jpegs, passcodes and any other information that should appear on the packaging label (similiar to ROES Events)

      • This only applies if the order is a batch order

  • Studio can send marketing emails to their customers using the IQ Publisher software

  • Studio can control the look and feel of their IQ storefront and IQ can assist them with setup