How to Save Orders to Send Later

*Important to note, do not move the images used for your order to a different location than what is used when the order is placed. The files must remain in the same location on your computer or the order will not submit properly*

  1. Create your order as normal by adding items to your cart

  2. Click on the Complete and Send Order button in the lower right cornerimage.png

  3. Enter in a confirmation email address and back print if necessary

  4. Select Next and select your shipping informationimage.png

  5. Select Next

  6. On the Submit page, select Save for sending later

    1. Your order will complete and be saved on the Sent/Saved Orders tab

  7. Select View Upload Status to go to the Sent/Saved Orders tab or Show Receipt to view a printable report of your order

  8. On the Sent/Saved Orders tab, your order will appear in the top portion under Uploads

  9. Your order will stay here and will not be sent until you select the Send button

    1. Pro Tip: schedule to release your orders at a specific time later in the day

    2. If you need to remove an order hold the ALT button to enable Remove

  10. When your orders are ready to be submitted, select the Send button and they will upload to the lab for processing