Blueprint: Download and Replace Images

This feature in Blueprint is useful for quickly editing images outside of blueprint in a photo editing software (like lightroom, photoshop, or using green screen dropping procedures) and then replacing the original image with the edited image.

DO NOT perform these steps if there are orders associated with the images being replaced - the order will use the image ordered and NOT the replacement image unless you Edit New Orders before releasing. If retouching needs to be ordered, please configure Studio Retouching (Image Options) before orders are placed

Download Images from Blueprint

  1. Open your job in Blueprint

  2. Select the Images tab

    1. If necessary, filter your images by specific data

  3. Click the Download image.pngbutton to start the download images process

  4. On the new window, select a folder location for your images to download to

  5. Click Download to download the images

  6. With the images downloaded, you can manipulate them in a photo editing software or process them for green screen background removal

    1. When editing, be sure not to change the image filename. While you can replace a jpg with a png, the filename must match exactly to what was downloaded.

Replacing Images

  1. Open your job in Blueprint

  2. Select the Images tab

  3. Select the Replace image.pngbutton to start the image replace process

  4. On the Replace Images wizard, navigate to the folder with the replacement images

    1. If using Digital Return images from retouching, the folders are named by the Job ID in your digital storage, download the entire folder and direct blueprint to the main Job ID folder, blueprint will find all sub folders and match images

    2. Images within the subfolders are named by a unique name used by blueprint not the name given by the studio

  5. Under Versioning you can choose to Preserve or Overwrite your images with the replacement images.

    1. We suggest selecting Preserve so that your original images are intact and can be used later if there's an issue. Any orders associated with the original image(s) will now be associated to the replacement/updated image.

  6. Select Replace and your images will be replaced with those in the folder as long as the filename is the same

    1. If using images from your online storage, the filename will not be exactly the same but will still work - the file name in online storage is the unique filename which can be revealed by hovering over the image name in blueprint

  7. Your images will begin to upload and progress box will open in the upper right-hand corner of the software

  8. Click on the Images tab to review the replaced images

    1. If Preserve existing images was selected, you will see an option to reveal the original image on the subject record

  9. Click Sync to upload and sync your job