CSV File is Dropping Leading Zeroes

To prevent Excel from dropping leading zeroes in your CSV, you must format the column that contains the items with the leading zeroes. CSV files will always open and drop the leading zeroes so this will need to be done each time the csv is opened and edited. For more Excel tips & tricks to speed up your data entry, check out our handy guide.

  1. Open the CSV

  2. Select the appropriate column with your code

    1. (e.g. Zip Code or Online Code)

  3. Right-click on the column

  4. Select Format Cells

  5. Select Custom from the list on the left

  6. In the text entry field, type in a string of zeroes that matches the length that the code should be

    1. e.g. if zip code, enter five zeroes - 00000

  7. Save the csv