How to Add JPEG Filename to Layout in FLOW

This is primarily used for creating proofs. Note that FLOW automatically formats your projects to rename image names to: Lastname_Firstname_Sequence#.jpg. If you want to keep the original filename you must adjust the project preference BEFORE you associate images to subjects. Click here for instructions on how to adjust filename options.
  1. To add an image name (e.g. Lastname_Firstname.jpg or img_1234_0001.jpg) to a layout use the text property to add a text field and in the text box type:

    1. [Image1.Name]

      1. In the example 1 corresponds to Proof Number. If you'd like to query the filename for Proof 2, adjust the text to [Image2.Name]

    2. image.png

    3. FLOW looks at the images assigned to the subject from left to right when assigning proof numbers.

      1. image.png

  2. For the image node, note that for a layout that will display multiple proof images, you do NOT want "use ordered image if available" checked. That will result in all nodes displaying the same image.

    1. image.png

  3. Make any other desired customizations to the text and layout.

  4. Save as a New Layout and apply to proof packages as needed.