Blueprint: Importing Subject Info into a Job

This is helpful if the job needs to have more subject info added to subject records of a job that's already been created. For example, if the subjects are missing Year data and that information needs to be added.
  1. Open the Job that needs data adjusted

  2. Select Tools -> Export

  3. Select the Subject Data & Images export

  4. Select Subject Data Only (unless you need both subject data and images for the export)

  5. Open exported csv and add info into the column field for the subject records (e.g. add year info to Year column)

  6. Save csv

  7. Go to the job, select Tools -> Import data -> Merge subject data -> override data for existing subjects

    1. This will merge the data you’re importing with data that’s already present and not create new subject records unless there is a non-unique record

  8. Match based on unique info (like Subject id, First name & Last Name)

    1. Since you’re using the job data all the info present should be exactly the same as what’s available in the job except for what has changed.

  9. Match the updated field to the appropriate field in the subject data (e.g. Year field in csv to Year field in iq)

    1. Fields will will automap if there is a matching field name in the subject data

  10. Select Import data

  11. Do not sync immediately after import, double-check records to ensure the subject count and update to records has occurred. Check that they’re aren’t any duplicates and that the year has been added.

  12. If anything appears to be incorrect or something did not work properly, you can Revert the job (link here) to the previous settings.