Blueprint: How to Add Backgrounds in

Upload and add your own background selections to ImageQuix Blueprint for use in a price sheet for a Green Screen job
  1. Open Blueprint and navigate to the My Designs tab

  2. Select the Backgrounds tab

  3. Select the Add Category and enter a name for the background folder (e.g. Backgrounds)

  4. Select the category and click on the Add Background Set button

  5. Enter a name for the background set and a price for use (if applicable)

  6. Select the background set and click Add Images

  7. Navigate to the folder with the backgrounds on your machine

  8. Select the appropriate backgrounds and click Open

  9. Once shown, click Sync to save the backgrounds

To Add the Backgrounds to a Pricesheet

  1. Click on the Pricesheets tab and select the pricesheet you want to add backgrounds to from the list

  2. Click the green plus next to the Backgrounds category

  3. My Products will display on the center screen, open the dropdown

  4. Select the background set(s) to add to the pricesheet

  5. Click Add Sets

  6. Click Sync to save the changes