How to Submit a FLOW Digital Service (RIS) Order with Multiple Services

  • Use the instructions below when a project requires multiple types of digital services

    • For Example:

      • ALL primary images within a project require Greenscreen drop and color correction

      • Only some images (designated by package summary contents) have Retouching

      • NOTE: Each additional service type will require a separate order for those subject images

Select images to Upload for One Service Type (Round 1)

  1. Filter project by specific images

    1. e.g. filtered by primary image

      1. image.png

  2. Click on the RIS Cloud Icon in the upper right-hand corner of the software

  3. Select Add all images to add all filtered images to the RIS and select the appropriate services


      1. image.png

Since ALL primary images have been added to the upload queue in step 3, now need to deselect subject images that need alternative service (like retouching) and upload them on a second Digital Service (RIS) order

Remove Images That Receive Different Services

  1. Go back to the Capture or Edit screen

  2. Find the subjects that should not be uploaded

    1. For example: Filter by Subject -> Field -> Package Summary -> Retouching

      1. This will display all subjects that have a Retouching package added

  3. Click the cloud icon on the images to deselect them

    1. This will remove them from the first upload

  4. Click on the Pin (hold images) button to hold the deselected images

    1. image.png

  5. Once all images that require the additional service are deselected (removed from the first upload)

  6. Click on the cloud in the upper right-hand corner to go back to the RIS submission screen

  7. Select the Upload Images button to submit only images that require the first round of services (e.g. CC and GS) 

Upload Retouch, GS, and CC Images (Round 2)

  1. Filter subjects by Images -> Images flagged: -> is Hold Image

    1. This will display all of the images that should be submitted in the second upload

      1. e.g. Retouch, GS, and CC

  2. Click on the cloud in the upper right-hand corner to go to the RIS upload screen

  3. Click Add all images to add all images within the filter

  4. Place a check beside all services required

  5. Enter specific information for services in the Notes section

    1. image.png

  6. Click Upload Images to submit the second round

Retrieving Completed Files

  1. Once all files are completed you will receive a shipping notification email. That signals the files are ready for download

    1. FLOW will not update you to let you know the images are available to download

  2. Open up the Project and click on the Cloud icon at the top of the program

  3. Click on the In Progress tab

  4. Click the Download Images button and the images will download to your machine

  5. Newly downloaded images will replace the original images in your project

    1. The original images are moved to an archive folder in the background project folder in case there is an issue

      1. C:\ProgramData\Flow\Projects

        1. Your project ID can be found here in the Project tab:

          1. image.png