How to Import Multiple Subject Images from an ImageMatch Export

If you're transitioning from another lab to Richmond Pro Lab and are continuing to use the FLOW software, you can use an ImageMatch export to submit a project built in your previous version of FLOW to our lab.
The instructions below are also useful for importing a CSV of data where subjects and images are listed on multiple rows in the CSV. Alternately, here are instructions on how to consolidate multiple images to one row in Excel.
  1. In your previous lab's FLOW, ImageMatch export ALL images and save locally

  2. In RPL's version of FLOW, create a new project

  3. Select Import Data

  4. Select Merge Data based on Ticket Code

    1. Or merge based on a unique set of information in the CSV

  5. Find the ImageMatch export CSV of all images and set as the source data fileimage.png

  6. Under Image Import Settings, select the Image Field

    1. Usually Image Name

  7. Omit any fields that should not be imported in the field selection at the bottom

  8. Click on Import and the images should import associated to a single subject record

Assign Packages at time of Import

  • If the ImageMatch export has Package data (i.e. packages have been ordered but not submitted) then that package data can be imported and ordered upon import to the new project.

  • Packages in RPL FLOW must have the same Package Key Map as the previous lab's key map in order to work properly.

  1. The IM Export should have a Packages field with the package Key Map and quantity associated for each record

  2. Within the import, select the Package Field Packages from the drop-down menu before importing

    1. image.png

  3. Click Import