Blueprint: Revert a Job to Previous Settings

This is useful if changes made to a job should NOT be synced. Especially useful if data was incorrectly imported or if images were incorrectly associated throughout a job.
Basically this is how to undo whatever changes were made so that Blueprint is back where you started. All changes made after the previous sync will be lost.

It's important to always check your data BEFORE clicking Sync.
This procedure will only revert changes made after the last Sync!

Reverting a Job to the Last Sync

  1. Go to the Job Settings page

  2. Select Job Data

  3. Click on Revert

  4. A confirmation prompt will appear asking to confirm that the job should be reverted back to what's on the server from the LAST time the job was synced

  5. Click Yes Revert Job to revert back to the previous sync

  6. All changes made will be removed from your job