Images Won't Drag onto Product in ROES

When in ROES trying to add images to a product and images will not add to the product in the center of the screen, there are a few items to check.

  1. Is the image saved as .JPG?

    1. Sometimes image names can be formatted and saved with an incorrect file extension.

    2. A good test for if this case is to rename the file (including .jpg) to something like TestImage.jpg

    3. Sometimes the period in .jpg can be mistyped or missing altogether resulting in an error

    4. After renaming the file, try adding it to the product in ROES

  2. Is the image node on the product locked?

    1. Click on the image node and look to see if the icon on the far left of the tools is highlighted in red.

    2. If so, click that button and try to drag the image in again. If not, proceed to next step.

  3. Restart Windows Explorer

    1. Hold CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open windows Task Manager

    2. Find Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) in the processes tab (you might need to click More Details to view all processes) and select it

    3. Click on the Restart button in the lower right-corner of the window

    4. Now try adding images to the product in ROES

  4. Is the product in ROES not displaying any images? Restart ROES

    1. another cause is that the drag and drop mechanism in ROES has quit, in which case restarting ROES will correct the issue.