PhotoDay General Information

PhotoDay offers a simplified workflow for School, Sports, Events and Dance photographers. Here are some links for getting familiar with PhotoDay.


  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and data entry- no more order forms or barcodes

  • Advanced facial recognition technology, FaceFind, eliminates the need for image matching, QR codes, bar codes or tethering

  • Collect credits in advance with AdvancePay (PhotoDay’s answer to pre-pay)

  • Customers see photos before they purchase - and can customize their own products

  • Powerful marketing tools to get more sales before, during, and after picture day

  • Keep tabs on your business by tracking customers, order, and jobs in real-time with detailed reporting

  • Background selection options when using PNG cutout images


Product / Shipping Cost

  • Drop ship orders through PhotoDay have a $0 product minimum and the flat shipping rates shown below based on the product cost of the order and the selected shipping option. The print cost matches the Lab Corrected Print pricing on page 4 of our price guide for all orders. All product and shipping cost is billed by PhotoDay so you won't see any lab bill for PhotoDay orders.

  • Flat Drop Shipping Rates:

    • 3.50 Shipping - Orders over $10 in product

    • 4.95 Shipping - Orders under $10 in product

    • 9.95 Shipping - Large Items (ie. 11x14 Metal Print)

    • 18.95 Shipping - Expedited Shipping

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