How to Order a Multi Image CD

  • CDs must have a CD Face Graphic (Required) product and can have multiple Individual CD Image File (the digital file on the CD) products added

  • A subject can only order ONE CD per subject order submission - ordering 2 CDs will result in all CD Images produced on a single CD, but a charge for 2 CDs (i.e. cannot order a qty of 2 CDs on a single subject)

  1. Create a CD package and add at least one Individual CD Image File product to the package

  2. Add a CD Face Graphic (Required) product - this is the physical CD and must be added in order to properly produce a CD of imagesimage.png

  3. Associate a layout with the CD Face Graphic product - there is a preinstalled layout called Image CD Custom Face which is a basic layout, but can be customized and saved as a new layout

    1. The layout is what prints on top of the CD to identify the record to which it belongs

  4. Add at least one Individual CD Image File product to the package

    1. For multi-pose, add the number of Individual CD Image File products needed to produce the CD and associate the appropriate layout to automatically pull the pose for that file

      1. A separate Individual CD Image File and associated layout for each pose

  5. Build a layout for each pose on the CD at the size required (usually 8x10 or 8x12)

  6. Select Subject Image under Image Properties and select the Proof Pose (e.g. Proof 1)

  7. Save your layout with a corresponding name (e.g. CD-Pose1.lyt)

    1. Do NOT select Use Ordered Image if Available as that will cause the ordered image to overwrite the reference pose for the layout