How to Customize the Way FLOW Renames JPEGs

By default, FLOW will rename JPEGs this way - "Lastname_Firstname-addition number.jpg". If subject Calvin Coolidge was the twelfth image added to the project, his file would be renamed Coolidge_Calvin_00012.jpg. FLOW saves these newly named files here: C:\ProgramData\Flow\Projects\[project-key]\Image
NOTE: It's best to make changes to the file naming settings BEFORE importing images. Changes made will affect images added to the project AFTER adjusting the settings.
You can either customize the file naming per project OR per project template. If you always want your files named the same way, editing the project template would make the most sense. If it's job-specific, adjust the project itself.

How to Adjust the Filename Format Per Project

  1. On the Projects tab under the individual project click on Edit Project Preferences

  2. Under Image Options, select a different naming scheme and select Save. The preview right below the options menus can be helpful for confirming your filenames will be named the way you want.

Adjust Filename Format on Project Template

  1. Open FLOW and DO NOT open a project

  2. Click on View Project Templates. Double click on the template you wish to edit.

    1. image.png

  3. Navigate to the Image Options tab

  4. Select a Filename Format setting

  5. Click Save

    1. image.png