Blueprint: Steps for Bulk Adding Packages

Steps for bulk adding packages to a filtered selection of subjects. This is useful for bulk ordering no buys, id cards, or other service type items where every subject receives a specific item.

Steps for Bulk Adding Packages:

  1. Ensure Bulk order is setup properly and pickup is available on the cart associated with the job

    1. How to Setup Bulk Order Fulfillment in BluePrint

  2. Hold for bulk order fulfillment

  3. Set a sort on the job

  4. Assign a shopping cart with Pickup available as an option (pickup or customer choice)

  5. Sync

  6. Order bulk add orders for no buys – Pickup must be selected as the shipping option so the orders are bulked together

    1. Blueprint: Bulk Adding Items or Packages to Subject Records

  7. Sync

  8. Check the Fulfillment filter to ensure orders are added under a BULK order – if they are not then delete all orders and try again

    1. Blueprint: Orders Tab Tips and Tricks

  9. Assign images to orders

    1. Blueprint: Assigning Images to Preorders

  10. Release orders

    1. Blueprint: Submitting Bulk Orders to the Lab