ROES Prompts to Switch Catalog When Adding Items or Editing Cart

Adding Items to Shopping Cart from two Different Catalogs

ROES will only allow you to add items to the Shopping Cart from a single catalog. If you would like to have orders from two separate catalogs shipped together, leave a Special Instruction note in the Shopping Cart of each order along the lines of "1 or 2, please ship together" in conjunction with titling the orders accordingly for easy identification when grouping the orders in the lab. Banners and large Canvas Wraps are unable to be shipped alongside other products due to their unique box sizes and the high risk of items being damaged when they are packaged with other types of products.

Adding Items to the Shopping Cart from the Same Catalog

This is a software issue when adding or editing an item in the cart. ROES prompts the user to switch catalogs to continue.

  • Confirm that you have the same Catalog selected in the Create Order tab as what was open when initially adding products to the shopping cart. If so, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.

  • If you have not changed the catalog, this message is possibly due to low RAM on the machine and we may be able to fix the saved order