Using YAddress to Validate Addresses when Shipping to Multiple Clients through ROES Events

Use this service to validate addresses entered into a dropship spreadsheet

Format the CSV for YAddress Batch Processing:

  1. After all addresses have been entered into the ROES Events CSV file

  2. Select the address fields Address, City, State, Zip in the CSV

  3. Copy and paste them into a new into a new sheet

  4. Delete the headings Address, City, State, Zip

  5. Save the sheet as a new CSV (e.g. Project-Verify Addresses.csv)


Verify Addresses on YAddress:

  1. Navigate to

    1. There is a fee associated with this process and payment options can be viewed on the site

  2. Find the saved CSV file of the addresses

  3. Drag the CSV into the uploading portion of the site

    1. YAddress will verify and correct any addresses that are incorrect

    2. ROESEventsDropship-YAddress-Upload.gif

  4. Confirm the addresses and click continue to enter payment information

  5. After payment is confirmed you will be prompted with a download screen

  6. Download the Results.csv from YAddress

Adjust Address Information in ROES Events CSV:

  1. Open the Results.csv downloaded from YAddress

    1. The results.csv address information should be in the same sequence that was uploaded to YAddress

  2. Open the CSV that's to be imported into ROES

  3. Copy the Output Address, City, State, Zip from results.csv

    1. located in columns E, N, O, P

  4. Paste information from results into the corresponding events csv address fields and save the events csv

  5. The Events CSV is now ready for import