Shipping Overview

Shipping Rates

Our shipping rates through our ordering software and batch orders through the ordering platforms that we partner with are determined by weight of the parcel, size of the parcel and the shipping method you have chosen. Economy shipping is a rate-shopping service that compares USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day. Our shipping software will choose the cheapest of those options. Other shipping speeds available are UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day. If you are using Photoreflect LE/ExpressDigital Darkroom software, Economy shipping is called Standard.

Product Minimum

Since we do not add any fees to the shipping cost, we have a $5.00 product minimum per order. If the cost of the order is less than $5.00 your order will be adjusted up to $5.00 to cover the labor and packaging costs of each order. If you are using an online platform or sending a high volume of drop ship orders through a software, please refer to the minimum flat drop shipping rates listed in the appropriate online ordering platform or contact customer service to discuss the applicable product minimum and shipping rates.

Shipping Confirmation Emails

You may also choose to receive shipping emails. Shipping confirmation emails are sent out the evening of your shipment. The email includes the order number(s) that shipped, the shipping method, the order cost, the shipping cost and any available tracking information. The total within the email will match the amount charged to your credit card unless your account is located in Virginia and subject to 6% sales tax; the shipping confirmation emails do not include sales tax. If you are not currently receiving emails or aren’t sure, you can check that your account has this option turned on by logging into you account page with your email address and pin; you can also navigate to your account page when logged into by clicking on your account number in the upper right corner of the page. To ensure you will receive these emails please add to your address book. 

Grouping Orders

Orders due on the same day and ordered to ship back to you will ship together by default. If you place multiple orders and want to ensure they ship together, please leave an order comment on your orders or email customer service at to request they be shipped together. We are always happy to combine shipments in an effort to lower your shipping costs. Orders placed through Photoreflect LE/ExpressDigital Darkroom's Open Network as well as individual Drop Ship orders placed through GotPhoto, Proofpix or PhotoDay are not elligible to be grouped to ship together since the shipping cost is preset. Drop ship orders placed through other platforms or software can be grouped by request but are never automatically grouped.

Shipping History

You can view your shipment history on the website by logging in and clicking on Shipping History.  This will show order numbers, shipping address and tracking numbers if applicable. If you know the order you are looking for, you can search for that order specifically. There is an option to export this data to a CSV file for your records.

Flat Rate Shipping

It’s true that many of our competitors offer free or flat rate shipping on all orders. To ensure that our policies are competitive we have done extensive research on whether free or flat rate shipping would be more economical for our customers. If we offered free or flat rate shipping through our ordering software, our product costs have to be marked up to account for the greater overhead. To offer free Next Day shipping, for instance, would significantly increase our overhead and force our product costs up. Although it’s an excellent marketing tactic, we continue to conclude that it’s more economical for our customers if we pass on exactly what our shipping carrier charge to ship their packages. We do not mark up our shipping rates. In fact, we receive a volume discount from UPS and pass that directly on to our customers. By charging you exactly what our shipping carriers charge us, our product pricing does not have to be figured based on material cost, labor and shipping costs, but just labor and materials. This allows us to offer better prices and higher quality products than almost all of our competitors. If you are interested in flat shipping rates for drop ship orders, we recommend considering using GotPhoto, Proofpix or PhotoDay for your drop ship orders since we have negotiated flat shipping rates on drop ship orders through those online platforms.

Shipping Estimates

We are happy to provide shipping estimates based on what products you will be ordering and the city and zip code they will be delivered to. Please contact customer service to receive an estimate.