How to Apply a Black and White Filter to Images

This can be done by creating a layout with a color effect.
  1. Click the Layout section and create a new layout

  2. Set the size of your layout to the print size you will be ordering (e.g. 8x10)

  3. Click Insert Graphic and add an image layer to your layout

    1. image.png

  4. Select the image layer and appropriately set the location and size within Object Properties

  5. Select your Subject Image in Image Properties (check Use Ordered Image if Available if applicable)

    1. image.png

  6. Under Effects there is a color menu, select Black and White

    1. image.png

  7. Save your Layout as a new layout (e.g. 8x10_Black-White.lyt)

  8. Associate your layout with the appropriate package item in your catalog packages

  9. As Always - Be mindful of your cropping when ordering