Blueprint: Assigning Preorders to Subjects

The steps below go through the process of how to assign orders to preorders placed either online or internally. In order to use this you must create a custom form and assign it to your job for customers to order.

Always SYNC your orders before assigning images

Preorder Order Assignment

  1. If there are preorders that are unassigned to subject records you will need to assign the orders to the appropriate subject or create a subject from the order data. This is the first step for preordering, after orders are assigned, images will need to be assigned before submitting to the lab

    1. The bulk order will display as Red if there are orders without assigned images

  2. Click on the Tools menu and select Assign Orders and follow the onscreen prompts

  3. A second screen will appear asking to match the form data fields to the subject data fields, select the appropriate fields to match

    1. Selecting Update next to data fields will update the subject data in your job with what is input by the customer on the form, typically this is not recommended for school jobs as it will overwrite the data received from the school

    2. Select automatically create subjects to create subject records from the form data - this is also not recommended for school jobs and should only be used if the subject data does not exist

  4. Select Start to continue to the next stage

  5. On this page, orders will appear along the left-hand column and the form data and subject data are in the center with the suggested matched subject data.

  6. Confirm the match is correct or incorrect and select Assign on each order to assign orders that are correct.

    1. Go through all the orders to assign them to each corresponding/matching subject

    2. Any orders without matching data will need to be searched for and assigned using Find Subject

  7. Click Sync as a final step to save the changes

  8. Move on to Assigning Images to Preorders