Blueprint: ImageQuix Retouching Through RPL

Retouching can be added as an option to your catalog upon request

  • Retouching Options - Standard retouching found in the Retouching Options for My Design Templates and Digital Delivery catalog can now be used for retouching your orders!

    • RPL will receive an image services order, perform the retouch service, and the retouched image will apply to the My Design template and/or IQ Digital Delivery

    • Digital Delivery orders can take up to 2 days after they are submitted for delivery to the end customer

    • Retouching will be applied to Digital Delivery orders, BUT will not be applied to the Digital Delivery option for ALL Images

  • Retouching w/ Digital Return - These retouch options will return the submitted file back to google drive - contact customer service for more information
    This service will be removed by the end of 2021 - images with retouching now have the option to automatically return to subject galleries.

    • UPDATE 8/9/2021 - ImageQuix now has the option to automatically return retouched images back to the subject gallery - please follow the instructions here!

    • Caveats:

      • Note when using on Pricesheet with My Design Templated products - the retouched file will be returned to your digital return folder along with all other rendered images (i.e. My Design rendered files) in the order.

        • If a My Design product is the only product ordered, that will be the only item exported to the DR folder.

      • All Images within a bulk order will be exported to the digital return folder, not just the retouched files - the files we export will be the retouched (if ordered) images with color correction

      • Should not be used with Green Screen Images (transparent PNG images) - the file we return digitally will be the flattened image on the selected background for the order and not the transparent PNG file

      • Retouched file for Digital Delivery only orders (ie if the customer ordered a digital download with retouching but no printwork) will NOT be returned to the studio

      • Retouching will not be applied to the Digital Delivery option for Includes ALL Images, but will be applied to other digital delivery options

Order Process for ImageQuix Orders with Retouching:

Orders with lab retouching will now come through to us in two stages:

1. Image Services Order :

  • The retouching/Image Services order will be received by the lab as a separate order

  • The order number will begin with a “D” (i.e. order “D12345”)

  • The Image Services orders for retouching will have the standard 2 day in-lab turnaround time

  • You’ll receive an order confirmation email when we receive the order and you can view the order on the Order History page

  • While the Image Services order is processing, the order in IQ will be listed as “New” until we complete it

  • All relevant information you're used to referencing in IQ orders will also be available for reference on Image Services orders (e.g. Job ID, Job Name, Subject Name, etc.)

  • Once the Image Services order has been completed, any associated digital deliveries will be sent to your end customer- this means digital deliveries with retouching will be delayed getting sent to your end customer by up to 2 days as retouching gets completed by the lab

  • Image Services orders will be billed separately upon completion (for the cost of retouching only)

2. Print Order:

  • After the Image Services order is completed, we'll then receive the print work portion of the order

  • The order number will begin with a “Q” (i.e. Q12345) as usual

  • You’ll receive a second order confirmation email when we receive the print order and you can view the order on the Order History page

  • The status of the order and lab order number will also update in IQ

  • The print order will have the “received” date listed as the date we received the initial retouching Image Services order (i.e. Image Services order was received on a Monday and completed on a Wednesday; print work order will be reflected as being received on Monday)

  • The due date on the print order will reflect the in-lab turnaround time for retouching + print products

  • Print orders will get billed for any applicable prints/products ordered (but not retouching)

  • Print orders will still have the line items listed for retouching, but will show on the receipt as [PREV COMPLETED/PAID] and will be listed as $0 to serve as reference for the service associated to the print work

Please Contact Us if you Have Any Questions

  • 1-800-262-0515


Pricing for retouching:

Removes minor blemishes and imperfections
Removes major blemishes
Softens lines and/or circles under eyes
Removes major blemishes
Softens lines and/or circles under eyes,
Tones down facial shine
Teeth whitening

Adding Retouching to Pricesheet

  1. Open the pricesheet

  2. Under Image Options click the green plus

  3. Within the right-hand catalog, select Richmond Pro Lab Retouching

  4. Drill down into the catalog and select the retouching options to add to the options list

  5. After the service(s) are added, be sure to:

    1. Adjust the Price of the service

    2. Adjust the Allowed Image Type to Individual ONLY

  6. Once all options are finalized be sure to SYNC your pricesheet

Retrieving Digital Return

  1. Images are exported to a Google Drive folder that remains the same for all digital service orders

    1. To access the downloads, go to your Account Information page

  2. Click on the View Online Storage button within Contact Information

  3. A new page will open with the Job ID folders of images returned

  4. Files within the Job ID folder are named using the Unique Image id that is used in Blueprint so you can perform an image replace on the job

    1. Be sure to double-check the crop of the replaced images after they're imported

  5. These images are available for 6 months after they’re exported