Creating a Collage Print

You can create your own collage print using the tools in the ROES software.

  1. First select the print product. For the example below we selected a 16x20 print.

  2. Use the Draw Tool (crosshair) to draw an image frame on the product.

  3. Click the Edit Tool (arrows in all directions) to resize the image frame using the anchor points on the corners of the frame.

  4. Using the Edit Tool, hover next to the top of the center anchor point of the image frame until you see the rotate icon to rotate it.

  5. Using the Edit Tool, hover over the center of the image frame until you see the arrows in all direction to move the image frame.

  6. Right click on the image frame for additional image frame options.

Draw Tool:

collage 1.jpg

Edit Tool:

collage 2.jpg

Anchor Points:

collage 3.jpg

Additional Image Frame Options:

collage 4.jpg

You can draw a number of image frames and arrange them as you see fit to create a collage. You can also follow our tutorial to build favorites and packages to save the product in your favorites to use later. Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions or for a demonstration of the tools.