How to Add User to Access Multiple Schools

This is useful if there is a supervisor or main point of contact that needs to manage multiple schools within a district (e.g. a school superintendent or yearbook manager)
  1. Login to with the Studio admin account credentials

  2. Select My Organization on the left-hand column

  3. Select Users

  4. Select New User and enter the user's name and email address

  5. Click Create User, this will send an account creation email to the email address added

    1. If the email address is already associated with a plic account, the user account will need to be deleted and recreated as listed above.
      Please contact Photolynx or customer service at RPL for assistance

  6. Once the account is created, click on Edit Details

  7. Turn OFF Permit Full Access

  8. Beneath Managed sub-organizations, add the organizations for the user to access and Save Changes

  9. Now that user will be able to access Plic Go for each organization listed in the Managed sub-organizations associated with their account (each project must have an active Plic Go license associated)