How to Renew FLOW License Before Expiration

If your FLOW software is set to expire 1) on a weekend when our offices are closed and/or 2) it's due to expire a day when you have a shoot, we can help you update your license a bit early.

  1. Contact Customer Service. We will need to delete the activation for the machine in question from your account and add a credit for the new year to your account. We will also give you an activation key.

  2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Flow

    1. This is usually a hidden folder, if you can't see it then you will need to

    2. reveal hidden folders

  3. Delete Activation.dat

  4. Restart FLOW and enter the activation key

  5. If the machine is the Master on your account, contact Customer Service after the process has been completed so we can establish the new machine as the Master.