Consolidating Images Into One Folder

These are the steps to consolidate images from a number of subfolders into a single folder on a PC.
Ensure all subfolders that you are taking the images from are within the same folder
These steps will only work if all subfolders are within the same parent folder.
  1. Open File Explorer (The shortcut is "Windows + E" on your keyboard).

  2. Navigate to the main parent folder that contains the subfolders of images you wish to consolidate

  3. Create a new folder that will hold the files from the other folders or select an existing folder as your destination folder.

  4. Type *.* into the search bar and then press Enter

    1. Windows searches the current folder and its subfolders, and displays all of the files from those folders in the right pane.

    2. The results also include entries for the subfolders.

    3. You can modify the search to only find select files. For instance searching for *.j* in the search bar will find only jpg files. You may be able to skip steps 7 and 8 if only the files that you need to group are displayed.

  5. Click the View tab, and select Details.

    1. This setting displays the filenames and their attributes, allowing you to more easily manage a large number of files.

  6. Right-click the Name column header and select the Type option if it is not already checked.

    1. This creates a new column that shows the type of each file.

  7. Click the Type heading to sort the results by file type.

    1. This also separates the subfolders from the files in the results.

  8. Highlight all the files in the right pane, leaving out the subfolders.

    1. To more easily select a large numbers of files at one time, click the first file in the list, scroll down to the last file, and then hold down the Shift key while clicking the last file.

  9. Right-click the highlighted files and select Cut, then right-click the new folder the images are being moved to and select Paste.

    1. Windows moves all the files from the subfolders to the destination folder. Alternatively, move the files by dragging them to the destination folder and then releasing the mouse button.

  10. Delete the subfolders in the search results if you no longer need them.