FLOW Wireless Scanning Workflow (Opticon Scanner)

The instructions below are for merging images and data into FLOW using an Opticon Opn-2001 Scanner which can be purchased online for around $100
• From the supplier: Opticonusa.com
• From Amazon: Amazon Opticon Opn 2001
A video describing this process can be found here

Job Preparation

  1. Import data into FLOW before photo day to generate a record for each subject

    1. Including extra blank records for new subjects that might not be present on the roster

    2. Instructions for importing a CSV can be found in the Creating a Project and Importing Data from a CSV tutorial

  2. Turn on the preference for wireless scanning

    1. Click Preferences at the top right of the screen and then on Capture

    2. Choose the Image Meta Data tab and check on Enable Image Importer in Capture then click Save.

      1. image.png

    3. Navigate back to Capture for the project

    4. There will now be an Import Images button at the top of the Hotfolder area on the left of the screen.

Ensure the Opticon Scanner is Setup to Scan Properly

  1. Plug your scanner into your computer

  2. The recommended Opticon scanner comes packaged with a simple companion application which allows you to specify options for the data file.

    1. The only required information is:

      1. The barcode scan itself

      2. The time of each scan and the date

  3. In order for FLOW to successfully process your scans, the following formatting rules should be followed:

    1. A .txt file using a comma delimiter

    2. Field 1 is the barcode data

    3. Field 2 is the Time

    4. Field 3 is the Date

    5. No Additional fields present

    6. Date format is yyyy-mm-dd

    7. Time Format is hh:mm:ss

    8. No spaces between comma and data

Printing Subject Barcodes / Camera Cards

  1. Click here for information on how to set up the Sort Order for your Camera/Barcode Cards. This step must be done before creating and printing the cards. Camera Cards and Barcode Cards in FLOW

  2. Click on the Reports tab

  3. Choose Subject Barcodes as your report type and then your desired layout (10-Up is the standard configuration allowing the purchase of perforated sheets from the lab for home printing).

  4. Depending on your workflow, you may wish to add the teacher name, grade or other fields for organizational purposes.

Photo Day Workflow

  1. Before you photograph any subjects, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you sync the time setting between your camera and your barcode scanner

  2. To sync, be sure that you have cleared all prior data from your scanner and all images from your camera. If your frame-count will roll over during the shoot, reset it now.

  3. Scan any available barcode from your job and immediately (within 2 seconds) take a photo with your camera.

    1. This initialization must be done as the very first scan and photo and will be used by the software to calculate the timing of all future subjects for matching purposes.

      1. *Note - When bringing your photos in to FLOW after picture day, your initialization photo will show matched with whichever barcode was scanned during this step. You may prefer to create a fake initialization subject in FLOW when printing your barcodes for this purpose.

  4. On photo day, organize your subject cards in the way that works best for your workflow

    1. Organize by teacher and give to the school ahead of time, have an assistant prepare each class as they arrive, etc

  5. As each subject approaches the camera:

    1. Scan their subject card barcode using your wireless scanner.

    2. Take as many photos as necessary to capture a great image.

    3. Repeat this process throughout the entire job: scan barcode of the subject one time, and then take photos. Scan next subject’s barcode and then take photos.

FLOW Matching Workflow (merging images and data in FLOW)

Back at the studio, you will retrieve the barcode scan data and match your images in FLOW
  1. Plug your scanner into your computer

  2. Using the accompanying application, click Save to File...

  3. Select a folder location to save the scan data

  4. Click Get Barcodes to generate a txt file using the settings listed in Job Preparation above

  5. Place your .txt file in a folder along with all of the images from each camera used during the shoot

    1. If there are multiple scanners and cameras they should be kept separate and you will repeat the import steps below for each set of data and images

    2. image.png

  6. In FLOW on the Capture section within the Hotfolder panel, Click Import Images and choose the folder containing your .txt file and images

    1. image.png

  7. Click OK

  8. The software will now sort and assign your photos by comparing the scan times of the data and the timestamps of your jpeg files.

  9. After import, you should see the images successfully merged in your FLOW project.

  10. If repeat the above steps for each camera/scanner used during the shoot