Copying and Transferring Favorites/Packages on a PC

If your studio has multiple computers, you only have to build your packages on one station. Then the packages/favorites file can be copied and pasted in the ROES folder on your other computers. Note that there can only be one packages file per computer - meaning that pasting a packages file to another computer will overwrite any existing packages on that station.

  1. Make sure ROES is closed

  2. Open your C: drive and navigate to the Users folder

  3. Find the folder of the main computer user

  4. Copy and Paste %userprofile%\.RichmondProLabROES into a windows navigation bar

  5. Open the .RichmondProLabROES folder

  6. Copy the MyTemplates.xml.enc

  7. Paste the copied file to a location like your network location, jumpdrive, or desktop for easy retrieval

  8. Go to the computer that the packages will be copied to

  9. Ensure ROES is closed on the second computer

  10. Open the same location on the alternate computer

    1. Copy and Paste %userprofile%\.RichmondProLabROES into Windows navigation

  11. Paste MyTemplates.xml.enc from your jumpdrive or network location into the .RichmondProLabROES folder

  12. Select Copy and Replace if asked