Help with Cropping Images for Consistent Placement of Green Screen Background

Crops are not destructive in FLOW when sending crop data and apply to image AFTER the background is applied. Therefore, inconsistencies in headspace may be noticeable in the final product.

Submit Orders with Destructive Crop

  1. On the submit orders page in FLOW

  2. Select Apply Hard Crops

  3. This will apply the background behind the image after the image is cropped so all prints will have a consistent background placement

  4. Send Crop Data will result in the background being applied before the image is cropped (see below for details)

When using the Green Screen function it is important to note:

  1. Installed backgrounds should be sized as 8x12 at 300dpi.

  2. Backgrounds are applied to the original image BEFORE the crop is applied (see below for more info.)

  3. The Lasso tool works better for dropout than the Brush tool

Inconsistencies in Headspace

  1. When an image is dropped in FLOW, if the subject is lower or higher in the shot then the background might not appear in the location expected when rendered

  2. Above you can see that the head locations for the subjects are in slightly different locations

  3. The crop tool in FLOW applies the crop for the print after the image is rendered onto the background

  4. The crop on the left will have a different portion of the background than the crop on the right

  5. The images above show what will print when the image is submitted to us

  6. Note how the left image is not showing the 1" mark and the right image is

    1. This demonstrates that a real background image will be printed with different portions of the background on the final print

To correct for this

  1. The images should be shot more consistently (i.e. the heads should be in the same space within the camera) <or> re-cropped in a photo editing software like PhotoShop

  2. The left image needs to be re-cropped so that the subject's head/body is in a location more consistent with the first (i.e. re-crop so that the head is moved up)

    1. image.png

      1. When the newly rendered image is sent, it will have a more consistent portion of the background showing on the print (see above)