Creating a Project and Importing Data from a CSV

  1. Create a project by selecting Create New Project

  2. Fill out the appropriate Project information to easily identify the project

  3. If you have a CSV roster of data, select Import data on Create

  4. Click Create to create the project and go directly to Import Data

    1. You can find the Import Data section by opening a Project and clicking on the Edit tab then the Import Data button

      1. image.png

  5. On the Import screen, select the Source Data File location of your CSV and click Open, the CSV will appear on the right

  6. Match the Source File fields (the field names from your data) with the appropriate Destination fields (FLOW data field) for your data from the Destination drop-down

    1. To exclude data, simply click the red X to mark omit it from the import

    2. image.png

  7. If your data contains filenames, click here for additional steps. If not proceed to Step 8.

  8. Click Import to generate subject records from the CSV file

  9. Upon import, information from the CSV will be mapped to the corresponding destination field in FLOW per subject record row

Click here for a tutorial on importing subsequent images/poses