How to Ship Orders to Individual Clients

WORKFLOW 1: Manually Enter Addresses in FLOW

  1. Order subject images as normal (click on the plus to add the package to the order)

  2. Click the Direct Ship to Customer check box and enter the customer shipping information

  3. Perform this same operation for each subject's order

  4. Submit orders as normal

  5. Select the appropriate shipping type

    1. It's important to remember that the shipping type selected will be how each dropship order ships, so selecting Economy is advised

    2. Customer Service can set an account preference at the lab so that all dropship orders will default to a specific method

  6. The Shipping Destination drop-down selection will be overridden by the Direct Ship to Customer checkbox

    1. Any orders that do not have Direct Ship selected will be shipped to the selection made in the Shipping Destination dropdown

    2. i.e. Standard orders without dropship information will be shipped to your studio or dropshipped to the school

  7. Orders dropshipping to identical Address, City, State and Zip within the same project will be grouped together by FLOW and submitted as a single order

    1. i.e. sibling orders dropshipping to a single address will dropship together


  1. When importing your roster or spreadsheet of subject information, add column headings for Address, City, State, and Zip

    1. Merge your data to the original subject records using Import Data in the Edit tab and merge your data based on unique fields (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Student ID, etc.)

  2. Click the Direct Ship to Customer checkbox and the subject shipping information will auto-fill with the drop-ship address information on the subject record.