ImageQuix Blueprint Minimum Requirements & Known Issues

Be aware that Windows 7 is nearing end of life support from Microsoft.
If machines are 4 years old or older and/or on Windows 7 you should consider updating the hardware and software, especially for capture stations using smart workflow

Facial Recognition causing errors syncing large volume of subjects

  • This typically occurs on machines using Windows 7 and/or older machines with dated graphics cards and affects larger volumes of subjects (i.e. 300-400) when facial recognition/auto head sizing is turned on (the graphics card trips up after 400).

  • The issue/error typically occurs when uploading the images to the server and the solution is to turn off facial recognition to get them online.

Timeout in the hot folder from camera software (blueprint not pulling images from hotfolder)

  • If this does occur, the solution is to restart the computer, restart the camera’s hotfolder software, and repoint blueprint to the hotfolder

  • This can occur when the computer hasn’t been restarted in 2-3 days

  • It’s best to restart the computer before EACH use/job in the field to prevent any issues