ROES Won't Launch - How to Refresh ROES (PC)

Refreshing ROES files will fix nearly all common issues with ROES
e.g. ROES is stuck at creating products, ROES won't open, ROES Crashes when opening, null pointer exception, unable to locate JVM Library, uncaught exception, ROES engine quit unexpectedly

Before trying the steps below, try our quick refresh by downloading and running this file: ROES Refresh Utility
If that does not allow ROES to open, please see steps below.

  1. Make sure ROES is closed

  2. Open your C: drive and navigate to the Users folder

  3. Find the folder of the main computer user

    1. C:\Users\[user]\.RichmondProLabROES

    2. or copy/paste %userprofile%\.RichmondProLabROES into a windows navigation bar

  4. Open the .RichmondProLabROES folder

    1. .RichmondProLabROES contains all of the information for orders

  5. Delete the file

  6. Delete the Colors.xml, Customer.xml and Paymentinfo.enc files

    1. Do NOT delete mytemplates.xml.enc - this will delete your favorites and packages

  7. Navigate to C:\Users\[user]\.roescache

    1. Copy and paste %userprofile%\.roescache into a windows navigation bar

  8. Type .enc in the search window

  9. Locate and delete Richmond_ROES.xml.enc

  10. Relaunch ROES and enter your customer information